Restolin Fake or Real, Restolin Reviews (2022 Updated)

Does Restolin clearly work? That used to be the query I was once requested by using anyone fascinated in this hair restorer supplement. Can Restolin in reality reverse male and girl hair loss, balding and androgenic alopecia, and return the hair you used to have? While the enterprise makes the daring declare that Restolin is “100% effective,” in this no-holds bared review, you may find out the ingredients, who makes this supplement, aspect effects, the guarantee, and how to get a refund from their client provider if you want to.

What is Restolin

Restolin hair growth supplement

Restolin Hair Restorer Supplement. Official website

Restolin is a dietary supplement touted to improve thinning hair, reverse female and male pattern baldness and restore hair to a more youthful state. The supplement contains a unique mixture of ingredients that the company suggests can wake up hair follicles so they once again start growing hair as they used to.

Restolin vs. Restylane

If you got here right here searching for a evaluation of Restylane, the fine-line and wrinkle filler drug, this is no longer it. While Restylane sounds like Restolin they are now not the same. Restolin is a dietary complement touted to restoration your hair growth. It is taken by way of mouth whilst Restylane is a drug that is administered via injection by way of a certified dermatologist.

Restolin Supplement Ingredients

Two drugs of the complement comprise the following elements

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Amount Percent Daily Value
Vitamin C 30 mg 33% DV
Vitamin D (D alpha-tocopherol) 20 mg 133% DV
Selenium (Selenium Amino Acid Chelate) 20 mcg 36% DV
Proprietary Blend 1512 mg
Gaviola leaf
Red raspberry fruit
Green tea leaf
Turmeric rhizome
Pine bark
Essiac tea complex composed of:
1 Indian rhubarb
2 Burdock
3 Sheep sorrel
4 Slippery elm
Grape seed
Mushroom complex composed of:
1 Shitake mushroom
2 Rishi mushroom
3 Maitake mushroom
Quercetin dihydrate seeds
Pomegranate seed hull
Olive leaf
Cats claw bark
Garlic bulb
Panax ginseng root
Lycopene (10%)

Other Ingredients

The complement additionally consists of these other four elements which do no longer take section in any hair boom effects: Plant cellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose. These elements shape the veggie pill and assist the different substances combine nicely collectively when you take it.

From the Supplement Facts label, we can see that the proprietary blend contains two separate proprietary blends: the essiac tea complex and the mushroom complex. The company does not list the amounts of these proprietary blends.

How Do You Take It?

The business enterprise suggests taking two pills a day with water. The Restolin vitamin label does now not specify if you want to take the drugs at the equal time or separately. My opinion for new dietary supplements are are you including to your day by day routine is, to commence with much less than endorsed for the first week. This need to limit any practicable facet results if they have been to occur. Taking dietary supplements with meals can also additionally help minimize this too.

Restolin Hair Research

I trust I recognize the good judgment at the back of the substances and how the corporation thinks Restolin works. For example, nutrition C helps construct the protein, collagen, which is a very necessary constructing block of each hair and skin.


Vitamin C, as properly as various different substances n Restolin (mushrooms, cat’s claw quercetin, garlic, ginseng, lycopene, and others), are powerful antioxidants. In theory, these anti-oxidative vitamins decrease free radical damage, which contributes to injury to hair follicles and the hair shaft.

Vitamin D

One of the little-known matters Vitamin D does is help alter hair growth. Low stages of diet D are linked to lady hair loss as properly as alopecia areata, an autoimmune ailment that can purpose thinning and the loss of hair on the head. Excess stress is additionally acknowledged to put the hair increase cycle to sleep, advertising hair loss, a circumstance known as telogen effluvium. Insufficient ranges of nutrition D can speed up hair shedding and make telogen effluvium worse.

Green Tea

Green tea, which is additionally in Restolin has been proven to be a herbal inhibitor of   5-alpha reductase, the enzyme that transforms testosterone to the most hair-destructive hormone, DHT. Drinking green tea has additionally been proven to assist cardiovascular health. In this way, it would possibly enhance the circulation to hair follicles and promote higher hair growth.



Turmeric Spice contains curcumin shown to reduce hormones that may cause hair loss

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Turmeric, one of the most popular spices in the world, has both antiinflammation and antioxidant properties. Tumeric has been shown to treat scalp psoriasis. Elevated male hormones (androgens) are linked to hair loss. Curcumin, one of the curcuminoids in the spice, has been shown to reduce testosterone and luteinizing hormone in women who have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).  In theory, this may help reduce excess hair shedding from the head. Like green tea, curcumin also appears to inhibit the hair loss promoting enzyme 5-alpha reductase too.

Red Raspberry

Raspberries include fragrant compounds raspberry ketones which have been shown to regrow hair. In one study humans taking a topical raspberry ketone, hair loss cure answer confirmed massive enchancment in thinning and hair increase after 5 weeks.  Excess androgens like testosterone are thinking to make a contribution to hair loss and baldness. Licorice contains phytoestrogens that have been shown to reduce testosterone.  Other ingredients such as reishi mushroom, are considered by some to be natural anti-androgen nutrients.

Androgenic alopecia is an autoimmune disorder that results in the immune system destroying hair shafts on the head and other parts of the body, leading to balding. Androgenic alopecia can contribute to hair loss in both women and men. In theory, reducing androgens might help reduce balding in women associated with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) who also deal with androgenic alopecia.


Two tablets of the hair restoration method supply 20 micrograms of selenium. The incorporation of this mineral is in all likelihood due to the fact of the function selenium performs in thyroid hormone production.  Hair loss is a frequent aspect impact of hypothyroidism. In people over 50, the recommended daily allowance is 55 micrograms. While selenium deficiency is considered rare in the US, according to some reports the average daily intake for those over 40 is only 13 micrograms a day. Thus, some middle-aged and older adults may be lacking in selenium. The Restolin company may be trying to cover their bases via including this mineral to their hair increase formula.

Microbiome and Hair Loss

One factor usually left out of the discussion of healthy hair is the microbiome. Hair follicles have their own microbiome. Some research suggests different microbial species in the hair follicles of people with hair loss might trigger an immune response and contribute to thinning hair and male and female pattern baldness. Preliminary research suggests that both licorice and slippery elm may be able to modulate the gut microbiome. Is it possible this may improve the diversity of microbiomes in hair follicles? Beta-glucan and arabinogalactan are both prebiotic fibers that might also adjust gut health to a more favorable state.

Restolin Mechanism of Action

Based on the research, it can be said that the Restolin hair loss remedy contains ingredients thought to stimulate hair restoration by:

  1. reducing the buildup of DHT
  2. reducing androgens
  3. inhibiting 5-alpha reductase
  4. decreasing inflammation
  5. reducing autoimmunity
  6. increasing follicle sparing phytoestrogens
  7. improving collagen production
  8. adjusting the microbiome of hair follicles

So, the common sense is there. However, it wishes to be remembered the Restolin supplement seems to lack scientific proof. This does no longer always imply it is a scam. Rather, it simply capacity no one has examined it in a medical study. Hopefully, that modifications one day.


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How Much Does Restolin Cost?

Prices vary so check the official website for updates and discounts. Here are fees listed when the internet site was once checked:

All orders come with free shipping if you live in the US. Each bottle contains 60 veggie capsules which is a 1 month supply.

Who Makes It?

The Restolin company, located in America, was founded by William Anderson, a 57-year-old guy from St. Louis Missouri, and is said to be the man who created the hair regrowth formula, which he says changed his life. Not much can be located about William Anderson but you can see a picture of him AND his head of hair by clicking here. To contact customer service, you can email the Restolin company at

How Much Is Shipping?

If you are ordering from the US, shipping is free and you will receive the supplements within 5 to 7 working days. If you are ordering from Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand, then shipping charges are $15.95. If you live in these countries then it may take 10 to 15 days to receive Restolin supplements.

Beware Counterfit Knockoffs

During this review, dietary supplements had been located that have been referred to as Restolin however they were sold by other companies and contained different ingredients than what is listed here.

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For example, one brand only contained probiotics. Others contained high doses of vitamins and minerals. No doubt this will cause confusion and frustration for those who pick the wrong supplement.

It is not known how these other brands are able to coexist with the product being reviewed here.

To be clear this is the official website.

How To Get a Restolin Refund

If you think you made a mistake and would like to be reimbursed, the supplement comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. The 60 days begins 1 day after the supplement has been shipped to you.  That date can be located on the package or in the email the company sent you when you placed your order.

To get your money refunded, send all bottles back to this address: 37 Inverness Drive East, Suite 100, Englewood, Colorado, 80112.

When the company receives your returned supplements you will receive an email that has details on when your refund will be issued. If you paid with a credit card, the funds will be restored back to the card you used. You can contact the company at if you have any questions.

Restolin vs. The Competition

So how does Restolin compare to supplements for balding like Viviscal and Nutrafol? So far there is little proof as to how it stacks up or which is better.

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Before & After Pictures

The organization did no longer exhibit clients earlier than and after photos the final time the internet site was once checked. That might also be due to the fact the complement is new and matters might also have modified through the time you see this so see the company’s official website for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it reverse gray hair?

This is a hair restoring supplement. The company does not claim it can return hair to its natural color.

Does it improve the appearance of the skin?

Hair and pores and skin are associated to every other. While it can’t be dominated out that the substances enhance satisfactory traces and wrinkles, there is no proof for it both way. As such, it is in all likelihood excellent to expect it doesn’t.

Any interactions with infrared laser therapy?

Using lasers to stimulate hair growth is popular and while research suggests it works, the devices can be expensive. There are no known interactions between the ingredients in Restolin and laser hair growth treatments.

Restolin Side Effects & Adverse Reactions

There are no known negative after-effects known to occur from the supplement and the company does not list any. There are no known interactions between Restolin and Minoxidil or Propecia (Finasteride).  That said, the side effects you may experience may depend on your health and the medications you take. So when in doubt, do speak to your physician if you take any prescription or over-the-counter medications. This includes blood thinner medicine like coumadin/warfarin. This is also wise to do for other natural hair loss remedies you are considering. To help you make the right choice, here are some things to consider and speak to your health care provider about:

  • Start with much less than encouraged for the first week
  • Taking with food will probably reduce GI upset
  • The supplement is not intended for those under 18
  • Stop taking Restolin at least 2 weeks before having surgery, including dental surgery
  • Speak to your doctor if you have kidney disease. Some research hints sheep sorrel, which contains oxalates, may damage kidneys. This has not however been reported with the Restolin dietary supplement.
  • Avoid using during pregnancy or breastfeeding


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Restolin Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Contains antioxidants No clinical research on the supplement
Contains antiinflammation ingredients Not sold in stores
60-day money-back guarantee Email support only
Easy to make returns
No known side effects

Does Restolin Really Work

While some may say there is no doubt the supplement works, I cannot say for certain. I do understand the logic for the ingredients used in this hair restoring supplement but I’d like to see clinical research. While it’s good the Restolin supplement comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, I think it will take longer than that to see visible hair growth and improvements in alopecia. It will help if you take pictures of your scalp for comparison. Because hair regeneration is a slow process, the treatment may take 4 to 6 months to see before and after follicle growth improvements. So, be patient and go into this with eyes wide open. Because knock-off look-a-likes brands are sold too, you may save yourself disappointment and frustration if you purchase this supplement directly from the official Restolin website.

This is the only official Restolin company website

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